Evernote Dark Theme Alternative

I use Evernote for PC in my daily note-taking activity. However, It hurts my eyes to look at its window due to the bright light intensity. And, I wouldn’t change my monitor setttings (brigthness/contrast) because its already perfect for me while using the other program. Since there is no official dark theme from Evernote, here is my workaround solution for those who need to use it in a “dark” theme.


First, you need to have a google chrome and also have the High Contrast extension installed on it. The extension can be downloaded from here. After that follow, these steps:

1. Open your Evernote using Chrome by typing: and login to your Evernote account.login

2. Enable the High-contrast extension: There are several color scheme available for every website, and this extension will remember your selected color scheme on each website everytime you open it. I recommend using the “Inverted Grayscale” for working with Evernote. It suits best when we only have texts on our notes.


Now, you can have your Evernote in a dark theme. Enjoy.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Evernote Dark Theme Alternative

  1. You realize this is accomplished better & easier using the “Stylish” extension for Firefox or Chrome, right? Look into it. You’re going the long way around to do something simple. This is also not a solution for “desktop” evernote. It is a solution for WEB Evernote. Big difference.

    1. Hi Bob,
      Everybody knows the difference between WEB and Desktop app. You don’t need to point that out.
      But if you have better solution to make Dark Theme Evernote, feel free to let others know about it.

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