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Samsung IP Camera Streaming using RTSP protocol

I am currently working with Samsung IP camera (SNF-7010 & SNF-8010). And I am using rtsp protocol to stream the camera from my application. The simplest way to do it using OpenCV is as follow:First, we need to specify rtsp url correctly:


After that, we can feed this url to OpenCV VideoCapture. Here is the example code:

#include "opencv2\videoio.hpp"
#include "opencv2\highgui.hpp"

using namespace cv;

void main()
 VideoCapture capture("rtsp://admin:mypass@");
 Mat frame;

//Press Esc-key to quit the application
 while (waitKey(1) != 27 &&
 imshow("CAP", frame);

Please note that if you are using default factory password (admin:4321), you can dirrectly specify the rtsp url as follow: rtsp://  You can also enable rtsp connection without authentication (check the user manual).User_Manual-SNF-8010-ENGLISH_Web-0924


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