Object Tracking on 360-degree Dome Camera using EmguCV

Couple of months ago, I wrote a program to perform object tracking using EmguCV library. Here is the result:

To achieve the goal, it relies on these 3 components:

  • BackgroundSubtractorMOG2: background segmentation and shadow removal.
  • Cvb BlobDetector: motion detector.
  • CvTracks: moving object tracker.

I will upgrade this to perform better in the near future. Feel free to drop any comments or questions.



6 thoughts on “Object Tracking on 360-degree Dome Camera using EmguCV

  1. Hey Putuyuwono,

    I am getting this error, do you know why?

    Error using version Emgu3.0

    “Erorr: Can not implicitly convert type’Emgu.CV.Mat’inEmgu.CV.Image

    1. I think the error message has already explained everything for you. You are trying to assign an Image variable to a Mat object without explicitly converting it.
      There is a way to explicitly convert a Mat to an Image object. If you check the Emgu CV Library documentation, Mat class has a method called ToImage. This method can be used for converting a Mat object into Image. For example:
      Image myImage = mat.ToImage();

  2. Hey
    Good job! Could you please share your code or introduce the fundamental on exploiting:
    -Cvb BlobDetector: motion detector.
    -CvTracks: moving object tracker.


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