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[RealSense SDK] Stream Color and Depth Camera Simultaneously

In this post, I will describe how to stream altogether color and depth stream of Intel RealSense 3D camera SR300. This can be done easily by using RealSense SDK. However for new developers who have not familiarized them-self with the SDK, this task might not be easy to do. Continue reading

Code, Computer Vision, Technology And Science

[RealSense SDK] Calibrate Color and Depth Stream

Recently, I play around with RealSense technology using a newly bought SR300 (front-facing 3D camera). I want to stream color and depth stream together, then create an depth stream mask over the color stream. This is similar to what is already been done by 3D Segmentation algorithm of the RS-SDK. Continue reading

Code, Computer Vision, Technology And Science

Multi-camera Capture using OpenCV (Multi-threaded)

Previously, I have managed to create a simple program to capture images from multiple cameras (click here). However, it is not quite good approach to use just a single thread to handle all of the capturing processes. Thus, I need to improve it by using multi-thread approach. Each thread will capture images from a single camera, so the number of threads will be determined by the number of cameras. In addition, to make it even better for further application (e.g.: motion detection), I made it object oriented. Continue reading

Code, Computer Vision, Technology And Science

Multi-camera Capture using OpenCV (Single-threaded)

I have been working on a project which requires me to stream multiple cameras. So, here I provide an example code to show how I can stream multiple usb cameras simultaneously using OpenCV. I assume you have installed it properly on your PC and already have basic knowledge about it. Without further ado, here is the simplest and cleanest code that I have made: Continue reading


Autoredirect Page to HTTPS

I have to use https protocol for my login page. I configured my Web Server so that it binds to http & https and also add SSL Security to exact directory. Then i tried to launch the web page using https://blabla.bla, the page shows up. But when i tried to type http://blabla.bla, the page didn’t show up. Instead, the web browser showing 403.4 error code. Uppss..

That error could possibly show up, because i was trying to open a page in SSL Secured Directory. Whoaa.. I couldn’t imagine, if it was my users who face this error. They’re going to say, “The Web is messed up !”.I search for the best and easiest solution of this problems. Aha, i got it. Someone says that, we could configure the web server and set up some custom error pages. But, when i tried to do the same thing that told in his blog, i didn’t succeed. I dont know whether i misunderstand or he mistyped some points. I followed comment by comment of his post, but i still didn’t get a point to solve my problems. Until i found a javascript code like this: Continue reading