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Multi-camera Capture using OpenCV (Multi-threaded)

Previously, I have managed to create a simple program to capture images from multiple cameras (click here). However, it is not quite good approach to use just a single thread to handle all of the capturing processes. Thus, I need to improve it by using multi-thread approach. Each thread will capture images from a single camera, so the number of threads will be determined by the number of cameras. In addition, to make it even better for further application (e.g.: motion detection), I made it object oriented. Continue reading

Code, Computer Vision, Technology And Science

Multi-camera Capture using OpenCV (Single-threaded)

I have been working on a project which requires me to stream multiple cameras. So, here I provide an example code to show how I can stream multiple usb cameras simultaneously using OpenCV. I assume you have installed it properly on your PC and already have basic knowledge about it. Without further ado, here is the simplest and cleanest code that I have made: Continue reading


Autoredirect Page to HTTPS

I have to use https protocol for my login page. I configured my Web Server so that it binds to http & https and also add SSL Security to exact directory. Then i tried to launch the web page using https://blabla.bla, the page shows up. But when i tried to type http://blabla.bla, the page didn’t show up. Instead, the web browser showing 403.4 error code. Uppss..

That error could possibly show up, because i was trying to open a page in SSL Secured Directory. Whoaa.. I couldn’t imagine, if it was my users who face this error. They’re going to say, “The Web is messed up !”.I search for the best and easiest solution of this problems. Aha, i got it. Someone says that, we could configure the web server and set up some custom error pages. But, when i tried to do the same thing that told in his blog, i didn’t succeed. I dont know whether i misunderstand or he mistyped some points. I followed comment by comment of his post, but i still didn’t get a point to solve my problems. Until i found a javascript code like this: Continue reading