Advanced SubString (Support Unicode)

How to do proper substring for unicode characters

I wrote this article after experiencing a “Broken surrogate pair” issue in Java. After investigation, I found that improper substring is the root cause of this problem.

Unicode Problem

  • JAVA encode characters in 16-bits representation.
  • Unicode chars may be encoded using multiple 16-bit entities.
  • How can we cut it based on character index?
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Setup FileZilla Server on Windows

Recently, I need to setup a simple FTP Server for my local network (LAN) so that I can transfer file easily between local computers.  I decided to use FileZilla to make this task easier. This post is written to give a simple guidance on how to make the FileZilla Server up and running on Windows. First thing first, lets download the installer from the official website and then follow the next steps.

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[RealSense SDK] Stream Color and Depth Camera Simultaneously

In this post, I will describe how to stream altogether color and depth stream of Intel RealSense 3D camera SR300. This can be done easily by using RealSense SDK. However for new developers who have not familiarized them-self with the SDK, this task might not be easy to do. Continue reading “[RealSense SDK] Stream Color and Depth Camera Simultaneously”

[RealSense SDK] Calibrate Color and Depth Stream

Recently, I play around with RealSense technology using a newly bought SR300 (front-facing 3D camera). I want to stream color and depth stream together, then create an depth stream mask over the color stream. This is similar to what is already been done by 3D Segmentation algorithm of the RS-SDK. Continue reading “[RealSense SDK] Calibrate Color and Depth Stream”

[Visual Studio 2013] Choose Toolbox Items Problem

Today, I have just encountered a weird problem with my VS2013. I wanted to add another toolbox but the “Choose Items..” dialog wouldn’t show up. It was taking forever to load it. So, I googled some information related to this problem. And finally, I ended up in this post.

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